April 14, 2017

Keep your cool as temperatures rise

When the summer sun and the thermometer rise, heat-related illness increases, especially for seniors, the very young and people who are overweight, ill, or working or exercising outside. These illnesses can become serious or fatal if not treated, according to the American Red Cross. Heat can affect older adults differently than younger people, and factors...
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St. Leo’s Pandola Center sparks pride in Italian heritage

As a child, second-generation American Frank Verde (born Frank Pellegrini Verdecchia) was ashamed of his Italian heritage.
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Prayers for a Healing Economy

Earlier this month, we celebrated Labor Day, a national holiday to honor working people. But for millions of Americans, there has been little cause for celebration.
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Respect Life events planned

In honor of Respect Life Month, parishes and ministries throughout the area are promoting the sanctity of life with special Masses, talks, prayer vigils and outreach during October.
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How Insensitive

October is the month each year when the Catholic Church throughout the United States observes Respect Life Month. It is a 40-year-old tradition and a time when we raise awareness of the Church’s belief in the inherent equality and transcendent value of every human being, a belief that serves as the foundation of the Church’s...
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Communion under both kinds the norm in Archdiocese of Baltimore

Q. I’m confused about receiving Communion under both kinds after reading about the Diocese of Phoenix (CR, Sept. 29) and its new Communion norms restricting the cup. Do they apply to the Archdiocese of Baltimore?
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Positive Signs for Schools

As reported in last week’s Catholic Review, we are moving full speed ahead with a process for parish planning in the Archdiocese. Though it will be vastly different from the process undertaken for the reorganization of Catholic schools, it may have many asking where we are with the implementation of the schools plan and, most...
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Staying the Just Course

The unfortunate story in this week’s Catholic Review about Our Lady of the Fields Church in Millersville underscores the Church’s critical responsibilities in the areas of child protection, human resources and finances. It also highlights the various systems that are in place to ensure compliance with the policies that govern how we provide safe environments...
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Wine more hygienic than host

Q. I’ve read that distribution of holy Communion under forms is the norm here in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, but I hesitate to receive Communion from the cup. Shouldn’t I be worried about the transmission of germs?
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Bumper-Sticker Ethics?

In the recent Message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, Pope Benedict XVI invites us to advance the new evangelization in the context of migration by “seeking ways of fraternal sharing and respectful proclamation, overcoming opposition and nationalism. For their part, the Churches of origin, of transit and those that welcome the migration...
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Health experts say holiday battle of the bulge can be won

The holiday season is upon us, and with it all the wonderful, rich food and drink temptations that threaten to steer us off our intended course of diet or at least moderation.
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Papal preacher: Victory belongs to one who triumphs over self, not others

Jesus came not just to teach, but to radically change human hearts hardened from sin, the preacher of the papal household said.
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