Father Bauer, Orioles’ chaplain, goes to bat for God and the O’s

Father John Bauer was looking for a cold drink on a hot day at the ballpark when God threw him a curveball.
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John Harbaugh connects faith, work and family

Some of the best advice John Harbaugh ever received came on the day Steve Bisciotti hired him as head coach.
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Westminster parish marks 40 years of basketball, thanks to veteran volunteers

WESTMINSTER – Sitting in the bleachers as the repeated booming echoes of bouncing basketballs filled St. John’s gymnasium, Larry Baker and Donald “Bo” Yingling seemed like proud fathers.
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Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh finds winning combination

Not long ago, John Harbaugh walked into a barbershop near his home off Falls Road. As the wholesome-looking 46-year-old sat in the barber’s chair with a smock draped around his torso, a young hairdresser carefully snipped his closely-cropped brown hair.
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