Bridal headwear offers options

While plenty of brides still opt for the traditional tiara, the once-lowly headband is adorning more and more brides.

“The biggest trend is headbands,” said Dawn Mohr, director of product development for accessories for David’s Bridal, which has five stores in Maryland. “This is how she wears her hair every day. When you wear your hair a certain way and you feel confident and pretty, why wouldn’t you want to wear it that way on your wedding day? And it’s a really sweet way to wear your hair.”

Of course, these aren’t just the popular, brightly colored cloth headbands so popular these days. They’re coated in jewelry and Swarovski crystals.

The trend also shows up in bridesmaid hair accessories – the headband can complement a bit of color used elsewhere in the wedding.

Another popular accessory, said Ms. Mohr, is a comb embellished with baguettes and crystal “in a very art deco kind of way.”

Combs can be used alone or in a set with a larger and smaller comb.

Still popular are floral embellishments, fashioned with little pieces of wire so they can bend and twist to highlight the bride’s hairstyle.

“Flowers have been a trend for the hair for a long time,” said Ms. Mohr.

For brides who do stick with the tiara, some are choosing to put it upside down and wear it as a headband. Another option is a mini tiara on a comb.

Hair candies – hair pins with tiny bits of sparkly crystal – are always popular. They can be used as an accent with another piece or as a subtle hint of sparkle to the bridesmaid’s hair.

“Even in less traditional weddings, they still like to have that feel of sparkle or some embellishing,” Ms. Mohr said.

Veils, of course, remain a staple of bridal wear.

“Veils are what really make a bride a bride,” Ms. Mohr said. “It’s when they’re putting the veil on that they really feel it and the tears start to flow.”

“Overall, the message we are trying to convey is that shopping for accessories is as important as shopping for the dress, and it deserves a second trip,” Ms. Mohr said. “There are lots of different options to embellish their hair.”

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