Archbishop Lori calls for prayers, makes counseling available to those involved in Columbia Mall shooting

By Catholic Review staff
Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori called for prayers for the victims and families involved in the Jan. 25 shooting at Columbia Mall that resulted in the death of three individuals. He also requested that counseling be made available to all members of the community, including those employed at Columbia Mall and to people of all faith traditions.
“On behalf of the entire family of faith in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, I extend our heartfelt prayers for the victims of today’s tragic shooting, and for their families and friends, asking the God of life and of love to bless them with consolation and strength,” Archbishop Lori said.
Therapists from the Catholic Charities Child and Family Services Critical Incident Stress Management Team will be present at St. John’s Catholic Church in Columbia today (Jan. 26) from 9 a.m. until noon and from 5:30 until 8 p.m.
Priests and counselors able to minister to members of the Nigerian and Spanish-speaking communities will be among those offering counseling.
St. John’s is located at the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center at 10431 Twin Rivers Road.
“May this day of sorrow, during which we have witnessed but the latest act of senseless violence in our society, turn our hearts and minds anew to the dignity and value of every human life,” Archbishop Lori said. “By  May this day spur us on to work and pray for the day that, with every person respected and loved, we will be free from such violence and fear.”  
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