Arbutus school pounds the drum for good behavior

By Maureen Cromer

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ARBUTUS – As the sound of steel drums filled the gymnasium, pre-K and kindergarten students at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School danced and laughed along as they participated in a “cardio drumming” class.
Cardio drumming incorporates dance, recorded music and just a little bit of silliness into an otherwise mundane exercise class. 
The idea for the lesson came from the school’s first-year principal, Lois Gorman, who used to volunteer teaching the same types of classes to senior and disabled citizens in Baltimore County.

Lois Gorman, first-year principal at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, leads the cardio drumming class Feb. 26. (Maureen Cromer / CR Staff)

“I’m not a fan of sitting at a desk all day long,” Gorman said. “I like when the kids are active and moving around. I truly feel like it helps with the retention of information and education. And it’s also a really fun way to get the kids moving.”
As part of the school’s P.B.I.S. initiative – positive behavioral intervention system – students were rewarded for good behavior with the cardio drumming classes. Each grade got to participate.
The initiative was designed to emphasize the good that students do, rather than penalizing the bad. In that way, students feel more compelled to do good deeds and help others as opposed to making bad choices. 
“We do this because you all make good choices,” Gorman said, as her youngest students exited the gym after their cardio drumming session.
To see a video of the students participating in cardio drumming, click here.

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