Abortion should get same focus as war

Father Joseph Breighner truly hit a nail on the head in his column ‘Truth behind abortion should be in the news as often as the war in Iraq,” (CR, Feb. 8). He so aptly compared and contrasted the loss of life in the Iraq war with the loss of lives resulting from abortion on demand. Most certainly anyone who keeps abreast of the war news learns of the tragedy of the loss of lives in our military forces serving there as well as the tens of thousands of lost lives of the Iraq people. Because of these four years of war there are resulting broken hearts in the families of those casualties in addition to the broken bodies of the military who have been wounded and maimed. We can only pray to God that the minds and best intentions of those in power in our country can somehow find a solution to honorably in time exit our country from that quagmire. But as Father Breighner points out, how can U.S. citizens in good conscience ignore the fact that daily 3, 500 aborted babies are removed from their mothers merely as a matter of choice. Would that all of our elected officials both in our state and nationally who are of the Catholic faith realize that each and every one of those babies (otherwise referred to by the pro-choice proponents as ‘fetal tissue’) have souls and are made in the image and likeness of God. Possibly if those voices in the Senate and the House of Representatives if raised in support of life could help put an end to this holocaust. Unfortunately, it seems, too many of those elected officials are most interested in following the “party line.” As we pray that peace can be realized in the Middle East, so must we pray that the right to life of those innocent babies be realized. My thanks to Father Breighner for addressing these most serious and heartbreaking issues.

Catholic Review

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