June 11, 2020

State Department report: China among worst offenders of religious freedom

Top U.S. State Department officials singled out China as one of the world's worst offenders of religious freedom because it had subjected religious minorities to imprisonment and forced labor.
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Newly named St. Louis archbishop shares mom’s advice to him: ‘Don’t get a big head’

Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski traveled from Springfield to the St. Louis Archdiocese as its newly named archbishop with this advice from his mother, Jean: "Don't get a big head."
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I am a white mamma of bi-racial children

My husband says I will never understand what it is like to be the only black person in a room, that I will never understand what it is like when strangers look at him a certain way – he’s absolutely right.
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Trump tweets he’s ‘honored’ by former nuncio’s letter

President Donald Trump said he was "honored" by an open letter from a former Vatican official who claimed that restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 were part of a Masonic plot to establish a new world order.
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Center for Pregnancy Concerns’ Howard St. location expected to open on schedule

The pro-life Center for Pregnancy Concerns (CPC) will open as planned at 328 N. Howard St. in Baltimore, next door to the city’s Planned Parenthood location, late this summer, according to Gina Ruppert, executive director of CPC.
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99 Flyswatters on the Wall…

Everyone needs a little project during this stay-at-home time.
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