April 14, 2020

High winds topple Baltimore’s ‘Star of the Sea’ but also uncover a trove of support

When the cross atop the St. Mary, Star of the Sea Church in South Baltimore was damaged in a wind storm this week, disappointment quickly turned to a deep sense of gratitude as the neighborhood rallied to support its church and workers uncovered a long-forgotten time capsule stowed away inside the base of the cross.
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Lessons from the novel ‘The Plague’

When overcome with fear, do we pray to a merciful God or see God’s wrath punishing us?
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Court to hear Little Sisters, Catholic school cases by teleconference

For the first time in its history, the Supreme Court announced April 13 it will conduct 10 oral arguments by teleconference in May. Among the arguments it will hear are cases involving the Little Sisters of the Poor and California Catholic schools.
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