December 2, 2019

Archbishop Lori: Bishops must focus on poor, not seek personal gain

The example of St. Peter and the teaching of his successor encourage bishops to serve their flocks "willingly and generously," Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore said.
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Pope returns part of relic of Jesus’ crib to Holy Land

As Advent approached, Pope Francis gave a small fragment of Jesus' crib back to Catholics in the Holy Land.
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Pope asks Catholics to set up, be enchanted by a Nativity scene

A Nativity scene is a simple reminder of something astonishing: God became human to reveal the greatness of his love "by smiling and opening his arms to all," Pope Francis said in a letter on the meaning and importance of setting up Christmas cribs.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Mass at the Tomb of Saint Peter; 2019 Ad Limina Visit

In these days when we feel buffeted by challenges on every side, in these days when many say that the bottom is dropping out of the Church, our heart should rejoice and our spine should be stiffened as in this place we hear anew the solemn promise of Jesus that the forces of sin and...
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