September 24, 2019

Fifteen years ago today…

We knew we were saying yes to forever, so maybe 15 years doesn’t seem like much. But as I look back on that time, I feel so very grateful.
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Conscience and its enemies

Should doctors and nurses be forced to take part in procedures that violate their conscience? It's a timely question. New federal regulations to enforce existing conscience protection laws are being challenged in federal courts.
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Make room for the essential

As we begin the start of a new school year, and children and young people are filling their backpacks for a season of new opportunities, maybe we, too, can take the time to look at what’s filling our lives.
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Commitment to fighting climate change still weak, pope says

The international community must ramp up its efforts if it expects to mitigate the negative effects of climate change, Pope Francis said.
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Help unmask fake, destructive news, pope tells journalists

Catholic journalists need to be able to distinguish good from evil and recognize how their words can shape the world, not just describe what has happened, Pope Francis said.
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