June 26, 2019

A day trip from Baltimore: Our first time on Utz’s factory tour

I don’t remember when we first heard about the Utz factory tour, but was have been wanting to go for years.
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Movie Review: ‘Yesterday’

Fans of the lads from Liverpool will rejoice over the mostly amiable Beatles-themed comedy "Yesterday" (Universal). Parents of teens anxious to patronize the film, however, will have mixed feelings, given the lapses in behavior and language it includes.
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Pope saddened by drowning of migrant father, daughter at U.S. border

Pope Francis was saddened after seeing photos of the lifeless bodies of a migrant father and his daughter who drowned near the U.S. border with Mexico, the Vatican said.
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‘Yesterday,’ today and forever

The Good News that Jesus brought us is timeless – more timeless even than musical classics such as “Yesterday” or “The Long and Winding Road.”
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