April 26, 2019

The women who stayed

Imagine how different the story might have been if the women had not gone to the tomb while others slept, had not discovered the body gone, had not listened to the angels or had not run to tell the stunning news of Christ's resurrection that changed everything.
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Chilean bishops fear new measure would enforce breaking confession seal

Chilean bishops said that while they support legislation requiring priests and religious authorities to report crimes, they also fear that an update to the country's current law would force clergy to break the sacramental seal of confession.
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Benefit concert for Notre Dame Cathedral to end with Resurrection piece

An organist from Notre Dame Cathedral -- performing an April 26 benefit concert in Washington for the reconstruction of the iconic Parisian church -- will end his program, fittingly, with a piece about Christ's resurrection.
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Movie Review: ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Aficionados of the Marvel Comics universe are likely to be thrilled by the sweeping epic "Avengers: Endgame" (Disney).
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Brother priests who became military chaplains reunited in burial ceremony

Amid the pomp and ceremony that marks a military burial, Father Francis Brett was reunited after more than 50 years with his younger priest brother at Arlington National Cemetery.
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