November 14, 2018

A century after the Armistice

The Great War destroyed Western confidence in traditional authorities and bred a deep skepticism of, and even contempt for, “the great and the good” that remains a factor in our public life.
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Bishops give go-ahead to diocese’s Sister Thea Bowman sainthood effort

The U.S. bishops gave their assent to the canonization effort launched for Sister Thea Bowman by the Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi.
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Bishop Parker joins Facebook Live panel discussion at meeting of U.S. bishops

“Trust is such a difficult thing – it’s a difficult thing to earn, it’s a difficult thing to maintain and trust is really all about relationship,” Bishop Parker said during the session.
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Bishops consider, comment on proposed pastoral against racism

The U.S. bishops took the first steps toward approving a pastoral letter against racism with the document's introduction Nov. 13 during their annual fall general meeting.
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Psychologist addresses bishops on helping abuse victims to heal

Heather Banis, victim assistance coordinator for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, told bishops gathered Nov. 13 for the second day of their annual fall meeting in Baltimore that helping victims and survivors of child sex abuse heal is a journey and one that involves showing them repeated trustworthiness.
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