November 6, 2018

A mistake that turned out just fine

This pot of slops wasn’t looking very exciting, so I pulled a packet of onion soup mix out of the pantry. Onion soup should be able to jazz almost anything up.
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Is annual confession mandated?/Can’t understand priest

Father Doyle fields questions about whether annual confession is mandated and not being able to understand a priest.
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Me-me-me Birthday Prayer

I’ve never done that before – prayed only for myself in a single prayer session – and yet it felt suitable. No way I could have survived 59 years without God.
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John Carroll students visit tomb of namesake

The 163 students were members of the first freshman class to make the trip to the basilica to learn about the history of the archdiocese and to visit the tomb of Archbishop John Carroll, the first bishop of Baltimore and of the United States.
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Newspapers examine U.S. bishops’ responses to abuse allegations

The Boston Globe and the Philadelphia Inquirer newspapers teamed up for an article published in both daily papers Nov. 4 that examined ways it said the U.S. bishops have failed to police themselves even since their 2002 gathering in Dallas about clergy sex abuse when they "promised that the church's days of concealment and inaction...
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High court to consider if 40-foot-cross war memorial endorses religion

The Supreme Court announced Nov. 2 that it would hear oral arguments this term to consider if a 40-foot cross in Maryland endorses religion or is simply a secular memorial.
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