May 4, 2018

Michelle Wolf and the throwaway culture

One of the extraordinary but often overlooked qualities of a system of objective morality is that it is a check on the powerful and a protection of the most vulnerable.
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UMBC men’s basketball coach reflects on faith at Catholic League Hall of Fame Banquet

Throughout his time in the spotlight, Odom remained unchanged and true to his values of faith, family, belief and hard work, subjects he highlighted during a May 3 keynote address at the Baltimore Catholic League Hall of Fame Banquet.
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Speaker Paul Ryan gives House chaplain his job back

Jesuit Father Patrick Conroy, chaplain for the U.S. House of Representatives who said he had been forced to resign, was reinstated to his post by House Speaker Paul Ryan May 3.
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Pope asks German bishops to try to find unanimity on Communion question

Pope Francis asked the bishops of Germany to continue working together to find broader consensus on guidelines for allowing a Protestant married to a Catholic to receive the Eucharist.
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Baltimore County Catholic schools thrive in merger

Serving the communities of Overlea and Rosedale since the 1920s to 1930s, the schools were traditionally neighborhood-driven – now, St. Michael-St. Clement’s nearly 400 students hail from 35 ZIP codes.
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