December 21, 2017

Counting down to Christmas, snowmen, skewers, scarves, and an adoption trip memory (7 Quick Takes)

Before I was a mother, I thought Christmas countdowns were cute and decorative and fun. Now I think they exist so parents can direct their children to the nearest countdown feature.
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Baltimore schools’ interfaith partnership spreads ‘kindness to all’

Students from Cardinal Shehan School in Baltimore teamed up with students from Al-Rahmah School, an Islamic school in western Baltimore County, to prepare lunches for those in need Dec. 19. (
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Archbishop Lori recalls Christmases past, looks back at 2017

Archbishop William E. Lori recalled that midnight Mass was the highlight of the family Christmas celebrations. The parish where he grew up had a particularly beautiful choir that helped make the Mass a memorable event, even as a kid.
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‘The Sultan and the Saint,’ Dec. 26, PBS

Producers of the new docudrama "The Sultan and the Saint" seize the opportunity created by renewed interest in Francis to tell, to their credit, a chapter from his story not as well-known as others.
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