July 14, 2017

Summer fun, sushi, Pokemon, Italian ice, board games, and fencing (7 Quick Takes)

~1~ Our sitter from last summer started back with us this week, and the boys have had a blast. They are staying busy at playgrounds, riding bicycles, baking, building ropes out of duct tape, getting snowballs, going to the library and the dollar movie, and doing who knows what else. The other day they caught...
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After quake, some Philippine communities need to be relocated

Authorities said some 400 families in the village of Lake Danao must be moved permanently to another area. The social action arm of the Palo Archdiocese reported that more than 500 individuals continue to live in tents around the lake.
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Bishop sees little improvement in Senate’s latest effort on health care

Bishop Dewane said the USCCB "is reviewing carefully the health care bill introduced by Senate leadership [July 13]."
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