June 28, 2017

Waiting on our hydrangea and learning a lesson in patience

What is it about hydrangeas? I can’t say they’re my favorite flowers because I’ve said that about azaleas and forsythia and roses and tulips, and I’m obviously very fickle. But we did have hydrangeas on the tables at our wedding, lovely blue blossoms I cut from the bush in my parents’ yard and inserted into...
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Serve God, humanity just like Jesus did, pope tells new cardinals

Cardinals are not called to be "princes" of the church, but to serve the people of God and tackle the sins of the world, Pope Francis told five new cardinals.
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Nationally recognized youth minister from Baltimore dies at 52

“He was a preacher, but he was also a strategic thinker. He was always asking, ‘What does it take to do youth ministry well?’ and ‘What’s the vision here?’ ”
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