April 21, 2017

‘Sister Listeners’ help Rwandans move beyond genocide

The Benebikira Sisters, the oldest indigenous congregation in Rwanda, have sisters who are teachers, nurses, pharmacists, formators and administrators. But they also have religious with a unique title: Sister Listeners.
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Commitment to Immaculate Heart of Mary School transcends generations

“It has always felt like a community and a family here – always,” Terri Archibald said.
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The Benedict Option and the identity/relevance dilemma

The very intensity of the interest in The Benedict Option in one way proves Dreher's central point, namely, that there is a widely-felt instinct that something has gone rather deeply wrong with the culture and that classical Christianity, at least in the West, is in a bit of a mess.
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Persecuted Christians often choose strategy of survival, says study

A new study categorizes what kinds of responses emerge when Christians around the world are persecuted, noting that, most often, Christians choose a strategy of survival.
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