December 22, 2016

Reform is more than just a face-lift, pope tells Curia

The reform of the Roman Curia is not a mere face-lift to rejuvenate an aging body but a process of deep, personal conversion, Pope Francis said.
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Movie Review: ‘Passengers’

Science fiction becomes the springboard for a study of selfishness, sin and the possibility of forgiveness in “Passengers” (Sony).
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Christmas and the divine proximity

God is Emmanuel, God-with-us, in the midst of our lives, not outside them.
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Our Back Pages: All in the Abingdon family – for 150 years

St. Francis de Sales Parish in Abingdon has its roots in a Christmas Mass 150 years ago.
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Jerusalem archbishop: Mideast Christians suffer but keep faith strong

Archbishop Pizzaballa blamed Mideast violence on the arms trade, power interests and “relentless fundamentalism.”
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Impatient for Christmas to come

I made the mistake of mentioning that our wonderful friends in Chicago were sending us a package. Now the children simply cannot wait for it to arrive.“How long does it take to get from Chicago to here?”“When do you think they sent it?”“What do you think is inside?”“If it comes
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