October 11, 2016

Priests’ Convocation 2016; Address to Priests

I. Introduction: “Getting To Know You” A. Thank you so much for taking time to be part of our Convocation. It is a moment for us to come away, to pray, to reflect, to discuss, and to relax, to enjoy one another’s company apart from the usual settings where we interact. I hope your trip...
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Cathedral men’s club creates rosary for today’s husbands, fathers

“We pray that (men) be humble, zealous, loyal and gallant – that they be men like Jesus,” Father DeFusco said.
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Weighing life in the presidential election

If we can agree that life is worth protecting, then let’s vote for the candidate we believe best protects it.
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Pope offers red hat to priest whose story moved him to tears

During the pope’s 2014 visit to Tirana, Cardinal-designate Simoni moved many listeners when he described the brutality of a militant atheist regime.
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