July 19, 2016

Tens of thousands gather in nation’s capital to celebrate faith in Jesus

About 350,000 people of all faiths gathered together on the National Mall July 16 for “Together 2016” to declare that Jesus changes everything.
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Priest’s prayer reminds GOP convention of importance of all human life

“The way I look at it is I’m here to bring the Gospel," Monsignor Harrington said.
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The Better, Impractical Choice

Between the dishes and the diapers, the wrangling and the running around, I’ve been kind of halfway paying attention to coverage of this year’s Republican National Convention.Listening to it has made me feel anew the irony that it has been this campaign – this campaign fueled by those who so
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Franciscan who might be Canada’s next saint remains unknown to many

Years after his death and though he might become Canada’s next saint, Blessed Frederic Janssoone still remains unknown to many.
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