July 18, 2016

Pokemon GO craze catches local churches by surprise

Father Murphy said it was important to seize any opportunities God gives for evangelization.
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Pope prays for grieving families following terror attack in France

Pope Francis prayed that God may give comfort to grieving families and foil the plans of those who wish to harm others.
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What if I approached my Catholic faith like a game of Pokemon Go?

I’m hooked.My sons and I can’t get enough of Pokemon Go. We have had such fun discovering Pokemon and capturing them and talking about which ones we hope we can catch next. It has become a wonderful mother-son activity, and we are happily becoming experts in Pokemon.At Sunday Mass our
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Bishop feels ‘deep ache in my heart’ after fatal shootings of police in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Bishop Robert W. Muench renewed a call for a diocesan-wide week of prayer, fasting and reflection.
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Movie Review: ‘Ghostbusters’

The plot of this 3-D “Ghostbusters” (Columbia) runs a similar course to that of its long-ago progenitor.
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