June 14, 2016

Amen: Peaceful road warrior

What makes Tim Rubeling – and his younger sisters and their big brothers – walk?
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On 50th anniversary, St. Ann recounts ‘story of memorable characters’

Parishioners of St. Ann in Hagerstown celebrated the golden jubilee of the founding of their parish June 11.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: St. Barnabas Memorial

No one in a fraternal order should be a lone ranger; rather, we are all part of a team.
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We must recognize dignity of all, Orlando bishop says at prayer vigil

“Our presence here tonight is a symbol of hope. We come to pray,” said Bishop Noonan.
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Orlando: A Christian response

Whether the assailant hated gay people, hated Americans or was driven by some other motivation, is unclear at the time of this writing. What is clear is his disregard for human life and the evident evil behind his decision to commit such an unthinkable crime.
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Our first family fishing trip (and definitely not our last)

Our little boy has been asking to go fishing for months. He had never been fishing before, but he desperately wanted to go. When he received some money for Christmas, he went and bought a fishing rod, but we told him we couldn’t go fishing until the spring.Since then he has asked many,
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