May 6, 2016

Pope tells struggling Europe he has a dream for its future

The pope told European heads-of-state he had a dream of a divisive Europe coming together to protect the rights of everyone, especially families and migrants.
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An ocean of tears calls for mercy, compassion, pope says

The tears shed by men, women and children around the world each day cry out for mercy, compassion and consolation, Pope Francis said.
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Amid pageantry, parishioners provide spiritual care at Churchill Downs

Attention on Churchill Downs is focused on the twin spires, mint juleps and all the pageantry surrounding the race. But beyond the turf and the winner’s circle, hundreds of people live and work with the horses on the racetrack’s backside.
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Swiss Guard recruits pledge to protect the pope with their lives

The chaplain of the Swiss Guard read to the recruits an oath to protect the pope and the College of Cardinals.
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