April 13, 2016

Aid official tells of stories from Syria, urges label of ‘genocide’

When the head of communications for an international Catholic charity visited Syria, it was not safe to go to Aleppo.
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Human beings, not doings

It’s easy for most of us to simply take life for granted. We are. Life is. We often miss the miracle of simply being.
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Roots of state’s history – and historic tree – highlight Maryland Day

This year’s celebration of Maryland Day at Historic St. Mary’s City was all about roots.
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Pope: Living out one’s faith is useless without a repentant heart

Without a repentant heart, Christians can risk living out their faith superficially and fail to live out God's desire for "mercy, not sacrifice," Pope Francis said.
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Religious groups say ‘yes’ to Supreme Court’s idea on contraceptive coverage

The religious nonprofits challenging their participation in the contraceptive mandate under the Affordable Care Act agree with a U.S. Supreme Court proposal.
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