March 28, 2016

Reconcile with God, resurrect hope in others, pope urges at Easter

Easter is a feast of hope, a celebration of God's mercy and a call to pray for and assist all who suffer, Pope Francis said.
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Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN, dies after long illness

Faith is having one foot on the ground and the other up in the air, waiting for the Lord to put the ground under it, she once said.
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Essex parish celebrates renovated worship space

St. Clare renovated its worship space with hands-on help from parishioners.
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Holy Week: reflections from Aberdeen

I’m blessed to live a life where I am constantly surrounded by reminders of my faith. Teaching in a Catholic school and passing by my church every day, I seldom forget the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for me and find myself expressing my gratitude to God for all
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Catching up with Frank, part II: A change of plans

Friday March 11th was the best day Frank and I have ever spent together. Like always, he woke up smiling, eager to start another day of adventures. He ran into school and immediately sat down in the big circle with his friends. He said “goodbye” to them and
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A peek into our basket of Easter memories

Happy Easter! I thought you might enjoy a few memories and photos from our weekend.Going into the Holy Triduum—or anything else—with grand plans never works well for me, so this year I kept expectations low. We didn’t manage to get to Holy Thursday Mass. John and I were exhausted, but
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