March 13, 2016

5th Sunday of Lent C, St. Patrick Day Mass

I. Introduction When he announced the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis also asked bishops and religious superiors to nominate priests whom he could commission as “missionaries of mercy” – priests who are good confessors, good preachers of the message of mercy who could travel the globe proclaiming the mercies of the Lord. On Ash Wednesday,...
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A super “souper”

Advancement Director Lauren Hayden (L), Physical Education Teacher Megan Blackburn (R) and baby William were gracious hosts.St. Joan of Arc’s new advancement director Lauren Hayden was at it again on Friday March 11th, with a Stone Soup-inspired Lenten “Souper” event. It was held at 5:30 in the SJA
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Catching up with Frank

It’s been almost two years since we learned that Frank has significant language and social developmental delays. But, we have chosen to delay slapping a label on him. Is he autistic? Does he have ADHD? Is it an auditory processing disorder? Maybe it’s one of those things. Maybe
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Just writing up a little rhyme as we start Daylight Savings Time

O extra hour in our day,Why did you have to go away?We really miss you—yes, it’s true.It’s not the same now without you.The evening might be brighter nowBut we’re too dazed to notice how.We stumble ’round the house and yawn,Just where has that dear hour gone?With you here, we had
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