January 30, 2016

World Day for Consecrated Life and Jubilees

I. Introduction A. As was mentioned at the beginning of Mass, this evening we are joined by women and men in consecrated life who serve in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. We are closing a special year of appreciation for consecrated life that Pope Francis inaugurated last year; at the same time we are observing the...
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IND tops Mercy as ‘The Game’ turns 50

The Super Bowl is an international brand, but in Baltimore, nothing elicits more passion than “The Game.”
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Movie Review of Kung Fu Panda 3: Just as the first two were, the third time’s a charm

As Kung Fu Panda 2 ended, we saw a panda sitting on a mountain saying, “My son is alive.”Since then, my family and I—and maybe you too?—have been wondering how the main character Po would reconnect with his panda father and what that reunion would be like. I was especially
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