December 31, 2015

History of religious-themed books a tough read but worth the effort

What the writers Smith studies showed is that the American audience is very interested in growing in faith, even if they are only tenuously connected to a particular church and religion.
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Real prayers for peace

In response to terrorist attacks, the completion of the season of Advent and the journey into the church Christmas season, and as we begin a New Year with new resolutions, I would like to share seven prayers.
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Movie Review: ‘The Revenant’

If your idea of entertainment is watching Leonardo DiCaprio gorge on the raw liver of a freshly killed buffalo, then “The Revenant” is for you.
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Deacon Gramling served archdiocese for 41 years

Deacon John C. Gramling, whose causes ranged from a parish and hospital in Towson, to the Knights of Columbus and their founder, to the staunch respect of life, died Dec. 31.
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12 Favorite Photos from 2015

How can you possibly pick 12 favorite photos from the year? I particularly like trying to do this because the photos I post to the blog don’t show our children’s faces. If I were picking 12 favorites that our children are actually visible in, that might be even more difficult.As
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Photo Blogging Challenge: The Holidays!

Somehow during this hectic week between Christmas and New Year's Day, I haven't shared much of our actual Christmas celebration. Naturally, the tree will stay up for a little longer, and the Three Kings haven't arrived yet at the stable, but it would be nice to give you a peek
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