December 21, 2015

Pope Francis praises road map for peace in Syria

Pope Francis endorsed a U.N. resolution on peace in Syria and expressed "deep appreciation" to the international community for reaching an agreement.
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Year of Mercy

Showing mercy is the true mark of an authentic follower of Christ and a son or daughter of the Heavenly Father.
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Diocesan investigators conclude bacteria caused host to appear to bleed

An investigation by the Diocese of Salt Lake City into a report that a consecrated host at a Catholic church allegedly was bleeding has concluded the host did not bleed and the change in its appearance was caused by red bread mold.
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Immigrant youths recently reunited with families celebrate posada in Baltimore

“The vast majority seek refuge from horrific trauma, surging violence and extreme poverty,” Archbishop Lori said.
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Finding reminders of God’s love during Advent

When our kindergartener came home from school the other day, he was full of smiles and candy canes and energy.“Today Santa came to our school!” he told me. “And he was the real Santa, Mama! He knew my name! I didn’t have to tell him!”It wasn’t that he had a
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