September 17, 2015

Catholic Review Column: Art in Heaven

By now, you likely know that a much-beloved priest of this Archdiocese and rector of our Basilica in Baltimore, Monsignor Arthur Valenzano, went home to the Lord earlier this month (see page A9). I was privileged to celebrate his funeral Mass and to hear the beautiful and stirring homily given by his best friend, Monsignor...
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Art in Heaven

Monsignor Valenzano had a unique and enormous capacity for friendship. Not unlike St. John Paul II, he had the personality of a priest, which served as a bridge to everything and everyone. He was like a superhighway to Christ.
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Annulment reforms impact Baltimore

According to Father Seitz, the pope’s changes to the annulment process will make the process more available and faster for certain parishioners.
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Refugee crisis: ‘My heart bleeds for this’

The president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council wants to raise awareness of the suffering of Assyrian Christians in Iraq and neighboring countries.
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