September 2, 2015

PIE Challenge hits social media

People throughout the archdiocese are taking pies to the face in a social media campaign in support of a Catholic schools scholarship program.
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Trip through Central Park added to pope’s New York itinerary

Pope Francis will get a glimpse of leafy Central Park and thousands of waving New Yorkers Sept. 25.
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Quirky Catholic: Confession line etiquette

I am a bit of a confession floater, due to frequent moves and preferring to avoid the priests I know the best. Is that wrong? After attending many churches for confession, I wonder what the deal with confession line etiquette is.  If the person in front of you goes in,
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5 things I’m loving about being a soccer mom

For the past couple years I’ve resisted enrolling our boys in organized sports. I didn’t want to sacrifice our already limited family time. But at 5 and 7, they both wanted to play this season, so I’m becoming one of those mothers on the sidelines. I might even figure out
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