August 4, 2015

Those in prison ministry offer moral, spiritual support to inmates

Pope Francis' visits to prisons as part of his pastoral journeys to other countries has become part and parcel of the pope's style.
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Concern for the poor

How much of the Vatican’s overflowing budget and assets go to help the poor?
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Ambassador expects pope to challenge Americans to live nation’s ideals

The U.S. ambassador to the Holy See believes the pope is traveling to the U.S. to challenge the country’s people to live up to ideals.
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No Child Left Inside

There’s a Nature Valley granola bar video circulating where an interviewer asks three generations of four families what they did (or do) for fun as a kid.  The grandparents discuss berry picking and escaping from near-bear attacks. The parents also describe creative outdoor play. The kids’ responses are alarming. “Fun”
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A journey, not a destination: an afternoon spent on the light rail

His big brother had an afternoon play date, so Daniel and I decided to take a light rail ride—just the two of us.We bought our ticket—just one for me, since he’s free until he turns 6—and boarded the train at the beginning of the line.“This is the station I always
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