August 3, 2015

Mass for Knights of Columbus State Chaplains

Introduction Poor old Moses. Not only did he have to confront Pharaoh and led his people out of Egypt, he was stuck in the desert with them for forty years and had to listen endlessly to their complaints. Today’s first reading could be summed up in a few words: “The food is bad.” Never mind...
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Remarks to Knights of Columbus State Chaplains

Introduction I’d like to begin by offering my warmest thanks to the Chaplains of the Order. I am delighted that so many of us are gathered together and that we can have this time to support one another in our ministry in behalf of our brother Knights and their families. I often mention at these...
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Don’t be afraid or ashamed to go to confession, pope says

Trusting in God's infinite mercy, people should not be afraid or embarrassed to go to confession, Pope Francis said.
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Touches change, but can-do tradition still carries Woodstock Festival

What started in 1916 as a homecoming picnic for Jesuits has endured a series of post-Vatican II calamities and thrives.
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Ethical issues arise from California center’s ‘undercover’ videos

The use of “undercover” reporting tactics by a California pro-life group in an attempt to expose suspected illegal actions by Planned Parenthood doctors pertaining solicitation of funds for the acquisition of fetal tissue has stirred discussion and debate.
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The upside to falling down

One month and two days ago I stumbled down the flight of stairs that separate the living quarters from the sleeping quarters in my home.  The boys and I had just woken up.“How about waffles for breakfast?” I asked.“Sure,” said Collin.  “Can we make a fort?”“Sure,” I said.As I was
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“I’m not letting you come to my birthday party!”

The other day our 5-year-old was annoyed with one of his friends.They had clashed on the playground or in the classroom, and as we were driving home, Daniel was telling me how angry he was.“So I said to him," he said, and he paused dramatically, "‘I’m not letting you come
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