May 31, 2015

Dedication of Parish Center, St. Joseph, Eldersburg

Introduction I’m happy for the opportunity, at long last, to offer Mass here at St. Joseph’s Parish and to bless the new parish center dedicated to formation and fellowship. Let me also join with you in thanking Father Neville O’Donohue for his effective and dedicated leadership as your pastor! Let me also take a moment...
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2015 Knott Scholarships awarded

The Knott Scholarship Funds have announced the winners of the 2015 Knott Scholarship Competition.
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Mama, I cut my hair: A preschooler’s stealthy haircut

Today I was vacuuming the living room—an event so rare  it would probably have deserved its own blog—when I heard our younger son come up behind me.“Mama,” he yelled over the roar of the vacuum. “I cut my hair!”I turned around and looked at his jagged bangs.“What? I said. “You’re
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Surprise! Dining at a party at Volt was more kid-friendly than we expected

When you travel to China to adopt your children, you start eating in restaurants with them right away. Unless you want to live off of ramen noodles in your hotel room, you don’t have another choice.Maybe that’s why, even though we have had moments of poor restaurant behavior, eating out
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