May 30, 2015

Installation of Fr. Michael DeAscanis, Pastor, St. Philip Neri Church

Introduction It is a special joy to install Father Michael DeAscanis as the pastor here at St. Philip Neri Parish. Already you have experienced his fidelity, dedication, and pastoral love. He is working closely with you in offering that leadership which is so necessary for a parish to be united and to fulfill its mission....
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Diaconal Ordination of Michael Rubeling

Introduction On this very special day, the Lord Jesus calls you and me his friends. What joy this should bring to all of us – to be the friends of Jesus. What a precious gift friendship is. We may have many acquaintances but only a few really good friends. Jesus is truly our friend: he...
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What I’m doing to help my city thrive and survive

The Preakness is barely over and there are already whispers about moving the second jewel of the Triple Crown out of Baltimore, possibly to Laurel. Some of these voices were heard on Twitter right after the riots decrying the dangerous neighborhood around Pimlico and how the city was just too
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Papal nuncio expresses concern for journalists in conflict situations

In 2014, 69 journalists were killed and 221 were imprisoned. In the past five months, 25 journalists have given their lives, with 156 more taken captive.
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Movie Review: San Andreas

Shake, Rattle, and Roll would be the ideal theme song for "San Andreas" (Warner Bros.), an eye-popping, ear-splitting 3-D chronicle of a California earthquake.
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