April 22, 2015

Matthew Kelly: Christian lives should stand out

According to Matthew Kelly, no group of people is in a better position to change the world than Catholics.
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Pope to visit Cuba first before heading to United States in September

Pope Francis will visit Cuba in September before his trip to the United States.
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‘Every day is Earth Day’: New lighting, solar energy and land sustainability highlighted at Seton Keough

If given the go-ahead, the archdiocese will lease a 30-acre farm in Carroll County to Constellation, to erect solar panels.
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Art for our Earth

In honor of Earth Day, I invited Melissa Filiaggi, the recycling program manager for Harford County, to visit my art classes to discuss the importance of caring for our environment and create some cool art from recycled materials. Melissa happens to be one of my best
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Pope: Everyone loses when culture doesn’t care about marriage, family

We must bring honor back to marriage and the family,” the pope said April 22.
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When our son asked us to call him by his Chinese name

I'm tucking our younger son into bed and he's grinning up at me.“Mama,” he says. “I want you to call me” and he says his Chinese nickname. “Because that was my name first.”“OK,” I say.As I tuck him in, I think back to the woman I was six or seven
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