April 13, 2015

A pretty penny indeed: Special dolphin coin helps child fight cancer

On her family’s first trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore on Feb. 20, Katie Mays' son, Liam, received a souvenir penny.
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Pope says Year of Mercy will be time to heal, to help, to forgive

Mercy is what makes God perfect and all-powerful, Pope Francis said in his document officially proclaiming the 2015-2016 extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy.
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Term ‘genocide’ angers Turkey, while pope says memory leads to healing

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, Pope Francis said atrocities from the past have to be recognized - not hidden or denied.
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Shopping for mac and cheese and feeling grateful to be a mother

As I reached for a few boxes of macaroni and cheese, I noticed a woman standing there staring at the grocery store shelves. Ah, I knew that look. She was overwhelmed by the choices, not sure where to begin.“What’s the difference?” she asked.“Some of them it’s just the packaging, or
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