July 7, 2014

Ready or not, here I come

Daniel loves to play hide and seek.When it is his turn to hide, I know my role. I check all the wrong places first, ignoring the feet sticking out from the blanket or the thumps and giggles behind the door.The other day we were playing and it was my turn
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St. Ignatius Martyr in Austin, Texas

Every year for our anniversary, Patrick and I try to visit someplace different. This year landed us in Austin, Texas, thanks to a recommendation by a longtime friend who is an artist. Plus, Austin is known for great food and music. We’d heard the phrase “Keep Austin Weird,” and proceeded
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Gun violence is a pro-life issue, too

It was refreshing to read Christopher Gunty's column on guns being readily available and the lack of mental health care screening.
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Bumper-sticker call to pride causes concern

I received the Archbishop's Annual Appeal along with a bumper-sticker that reads, "Proud to be Catholic."
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