Gun violence is a pro-life issue, too

It was refreshing to read Christopher Gunty’s column on guns being readily available and the lack of mental health care screening. It seems to me that Catholic publications, always ready to defend life when the discussion is on abortion, are way less likely to consider gun violence an issue where human life is at stake. With 74 school shootings since Newtown (Conn.) and an average of two children a week hurt because of gun proliferation in the U.S., for me this a pro-life issue as much as abortion.
Yet we seem to accept, sometimes even embrace, Catholic politicians who stomp at NRA rallies, fight any kind of background checks and proudly advertise their stellar NRA rating. Why? Don’t they show an utter disregard toward human life, exactly in the same way as pro-abortion Catholic politicians do?
Roberta Wentworth

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