May 29, 2014

‘A pastoral priest’ – Baltimore’s Bishop Newman marks 60 years of priesthood

Three months shy of his 86th birthday, Bishop Newman continues to serve Catholics of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
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Catholic Throwback Thursday: Remembering the 1996 visit of Blessed Mother Teresa to Baltimore

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997) in Baltimore on May 30, 1996"Any man, woman or child feeling unloved with nowhere to go is welcome to come here... I have no gold or silver to give you, but I'm giving you my sisters."--Mother Teresa at the 1992 dedication of her Missionaries
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Cardinal O’Brien talks to Archbishop Spalding religion class about pilgrimage to Holy Land

Cardinal O'Brien, the only American on the pope's journey to the Holy Land, answered questions for Archbishop Spalding juniors.
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A few of our favorite things, advice to kindergarten moms, the Class of 2022, aunts, ants, and more (7 Quick Takes Friday)

—1—As we were driving to preschool one morning, I heard Daniel sigh happily in the backseat.“Oh, Mama, look,” he said. “There’s one of my favorite things.”With our 4-year-old and his broad interests, it could be almost anything. A baby bird? A freezer pop? An acorn? An electric guitar?“It’s a pickax!”
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