May 22, 2014

Baccalaureate Mass at St. Mary’s High School, Annapolis

Introduction: At Commencement Father Tizio and Brother Priests, Dr. Morgan, Mr. Reinhart, members of the faculty, honored guests, dear parents and grandparents, and today, especially, dear graduates: It is a joy for me to celebrate this Baccalaureate Mass with and for you in this special place which has become for you a second home, and...
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Catholic Review Column: The Joy of the Gospel, Part 7 of 9

Not long ago, I visited with a fellow bishop who oversees a very large diocese. By all appearances it is bustling. It has many parishes, schools, social service agencies and hospitals. Vocations to the priesthood are on the uptick. Fundraising is at record levels. But that bishop is not content. “This is mission territory,” he...
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A doctor, a priest and a pro-life advocate talk about ‘Sex, the Pill and Your Health’

At St. John Neumann in Annapolis, panelists weigh in on topic that some may find 'confusing.'
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A picture’s worth

As we were straggling out of Collin’s end-of-preschool picnic at Annie’s Playground, Ms. Andrews, his teacher, called after him, “Collin!  Wait!  I have to give you a hug!” She came dashing over to us in her turquoise trapeze tank, her asymmetrical dark hair swaying, big sunglasses in place, trusty spray bottle in hand.  (She uses
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Bishop Madden blogs: Palestinians will know people care

Baltimore Auxiliary Bishop Denis Madden blogs about the pope's upcoming visit to the Holy Land.
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Let it go, castle building, Field Day memories, whistling in the dark, and more (7 Quick Takes Friday)

—1—The boys and I may have become the last people on earth to see Frozen last weekend, so now we know a few words to “Let It Go.” There’s nothing like hearing two cute little voices sing "Let it gew" in their charming Bawlmerese accent.If you've seen it, you know
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