May 16, 2014

Some graduates postpone careers, further study for volunteer experience

Like many students graduating from college this spring, Ivy Seraphin, always assumed she would go straight to graduate school.
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How children prepare for first Communion

Preparing children for their first Communion means relating on their level.
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Some pass on gym, get exercise at church

The gym, pool and high school track aren’t the only places to become more physically fit.
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Help VA help veterans

Americans gather on Memorial Day to pay homage to our fallen warriors serving in the United States armed forces, honoring their sacrifice and courage, and recalling the selflessness that embodies military service.
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The doughnut seed dilemma

At the end of gardening week at Collin’s preschool, his teacher, spunky and creative, gave each child a blue packet labeled “doughnut seeds.”  On the outside was a picture of powdered mini donuts.  Inside were frosted Cheerios.The whimsical side of myself was amused at the cleverness behind the trick. We
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Bishop Rozanski, will you teach my religion class?

St. Casimir sixth-grader Michael Chorabik was surprised when Bishop Rozanski accepted his invitation to speak to his class.
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Pope cuts meetings because of cold, need to rest before Holy Land trip

Because he has a bit of a cold and wants to rest up for his May 24-26 trip to the Holy Land, Pope Francis has postponed several scheduled appointments.
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