May 1, 2014

At funeral, Oakland pastor remembered as caring, humorous ‘curmudgeon’

Members of St. Peter the Apostle in Oakland filled St. Peter at the Lake Center for the 74-year-old priest’s funeral Mass April 30.
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Holy gift giving: What are Vatican guests giving Pope Francis?

Here's a peek at some of the traditions and gifts involved when a president, head of state or special guest meets Pope Francis.
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Catholic Throwback Thursday: Remembering the 1987 Beatification of Edith Stein

Edith Stein (1891-1942)"Ave Cruz, Spec Unica" ("Hail Cross, Our Only Hope") It's Catholic Throwback Thursday:During this monumental canonization week, we are remembering another historic papal proclamation that occurred during the pontificate of new Saint John Paul II. “Those who remain silent are responsible.” - Edith Stein (Photo: Vatican)Flashing back to 1987:On
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Weekly Wonder Tool: Skidders

Frank hates shoes. Period.  He buzzes about the house wearing one blue and grey sneaker while the other foot is bare.  As soon as he’s settled into his car seat, I hear the “thud, thud” of his brown, Velcro oxfords.  Of course, his shoes often go missing, which is why one day, during a typical
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Happy trails, a rainbow after a storm, homework troubles, balloons, and more (7 Quick Takes Friday)

—1—Our sons don’t do any extracurricular activities. Now and then I feel guilty about the fact that they aren’t playing baseball or soccer—or even taking Mandarin. But since John and I both work full-time, I don’t want anything to intrude on our family time.Besides, our boys are so young—4 and
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