Weekly Wonder Tool: Skidders

Frank hates shoes. Period.  He buzzes about the house wearing one blue and grey sneaker while the other foot is bare.  As soon as he’s settled into his car seat, I hear the “thud, thud” of his brown, Velcro oxfords.  Of course, his shoes often go missing, which is why one day, during a typical rush out the door, I threw a pair of Skidders on him.  A wise decision, as it turns out.

Collin received the pair of slipper-type shoes for his second birthday.  He only wore them a few times, mainly because it was summer, and thus sandal and bare feet season and I thought the shoes were like woolen slippers.  Nope.  These all-season, indoor/outdoor shoes are composed of sturdy, yet stretchy nylon uppers and textured rubber soles and toe caps.

One thing I quickly learned about Skidders is that they are Frank-proof.  He can take them off, but it’s much harder than kicking off his regular shoes.  His wide foot is accommodated by the stretch of the sock.  They also breathe surprisingly well, so no more wet, stinky socks (from Frank, for now, anyway).  And they don’t slow him down, like I thought they would (maybe I should keep looking!).

Skidders have held up after a tromp through our wet back yard, and when they’re too muddy, they simply catch a ride in the washer (I sit them out to dry to protect the integrity of the sock portion of the shoe).  Frank’s pair are black with a skull and crossbones print, but there are about a hundred other colors available, including plain black for church and even Ravens and Orioles designs.  There are other varieties of shoes and socks available, including a collection for women.

Skidders retail for about $20 and can be found at Target or at the Skidders website.


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