April 30, 2014

Mother Earth

Everyone knows that an education begins at home.  So, we teach our children ABCs and 123s as early and as often as possible.  We Catholics begin sharing our faith from the time our babies are baptized.  An additional part of our moral belief system we should teach our children is what it means
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If these walls could talk – Mission BBQ owners share the passion behind their business

Mission BBQ co-owners Stephen Newton and Bill Kraus' mission to serve goes well beyond providing barbecue and a tantalizing array of sauces.
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Mount de Sales grad says bone marrow donation strengthened faith

Caroline Casey was the sole match for a 32-year-old woman battling leukemia.
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What’s behind Mary devotions in May?

For Catholics, May crownings, rosary processions, even Mary gardens are traditionally part and parcel for the fifth month of the year.
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Ignatian volunteers find community in serving the poor

“Every day at the Franciscan Center is an uplifting experience. I come away feeling closer to God." - Mark Wong
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Time for spring renewal – recharge your mind, body and spirit

Since it’s finally spring, everything has a chance to become new again, including you.
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