April 25, 2014

From split-level soup to eggs, looking for a bird in the hand, and more (7 Quick Takes Friday)

- 1 -When you have children, you realize you use certain turns of phrases when you hear your words coming out of your child’s mouth. Then you hear them say other things and sit there scratching your head. That’s how I feel about Daniel’s new phrase:
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Archbishop Lori praises pilgrims ‘braving the crowds’

Archbishop Lori celebrated Mass April 25 with Baltimore-area pilgrims in Rome for the canonizations.
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Finding yourself when you’re single again

At age 41, I found myself in a place I had never expected. My wife and I separated and eventually divorced.
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Father Parson, Western Maryland leader, dies

Father Donald Parson, a longtime leader in Western Maryland, died April 25.
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St. John Paul II, patron of sweet tooths?: Holy Rosary bakes new saint’s favorite pastry

It’s well-known in his native Poland that Pope John Paul II had an affection for the cream-filled pastry.
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In this weekend of popes, announcing our papal poetry contest winners

What better way to celebrate the canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII than by announcing the winners of Open Window’s papal poetry contest!I would love to say we were showered with entries from all corners of the globe, but I do think more than a few
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