March 2, 2014

8th Sunday A Ordinary Time – St. Mary of the Assumption

Introduction My mother probably wouldn’t mind it if I told you she’s in her mid-90’s. Almost every day I call Mom and Dad just to see how they are doing. But it’s not a one-way street. Mom and Dad also want to know how I’m doing. Mom, in particular, often asks me if I am...
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One snow. Two snow. More snow? Boo, snow.

One snow.Two snow.More snow?Boo, snow.The first storm? That was pretty cool.“Hurrah! We’re off and skipping school!”But now the snow day’s grown so old.We’re just plain done with cold, cold, cold.A five-day school week? No such thing.They’ve learned instead the snowball fling.On days when school’s on time—at last!They stumble to the
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