February 26, 2014

Pope Benedict says it’s absurd to question validity of his resignation

In a letter to an Italian journalist, retired Pope Benedict XVI said questions about the validity of his resignation are "absurd."
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Retiring Odenton pastor leaves legacy of unity

Father William L. Viola, head of St. Joseph, Odenton, for nearly 15 years, is retiring March 1.
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Part II: The Church’s Missionary Transformation

In the first full chapter of his exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis offers us important clues to the real change he has in mind.
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Church Chatter: From ravioli in Little Italy to a winning video in Fallston

St. Leo is set with ravioli, an Italian group forms in Harford, St. Mary's hosts for March for Life and St. Marks shows "What does the Church say?"
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Have a nonfiction day!

When John and I started writing notes for the boys’ lunches, we drew simple pictures and added a few words: “Have a great day at school!” or “Have a fun day!”Somewhere along the way, the boys started asking for different messages to match the drawings. The notes changed to “Have a
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